Mobile case management

Return to work support where it's needed.



WorkSafe and its partner agents have been providing mobile case management (MCM) to Victorians recovering from workplace injury since 2016. The service brings face-to-face support to the places where people live, work and recover.

Mobile case managers meet with people recovering from injury and the employers and health providers who support them at:

  • the person's pre-injury workplace
  • the workplace where the person plans to return to work
  • the rooms of a health provider, like a GP or physiotherapist
  • public locations such as a library or a community centre

In person, onsite meetings make it easier to coordinate the support and services that contribute to the recovery process.

Return to work through conversation

More than 70% of the support a mobile case manager provides is delivered in conversations with people returning to work and their health providers.

They can be an important contributor to discussions around:

  • injury treatment and management
  • return to work options
  • understanding the claims process
  • coordination of the recovery process

Mobile case managers also visit workplaces where a person may be returning to work. They can encourage and facilitate regular meetings between people recovering from injury and their employers.

Return to work experts

Contact your Agent for more information about how MCM could be best tailored to your needs: