New Employer Services (NES) for workers

A program to help injured workers find new employment.


About New Employer Services

WorkSafe provides services to help you find safe and ongoing work with a new employer when you are unable to return to sustainable work with your pre-injury employer. These are called New Employer Services (NES).

Please note: Challenging acronyms ahead

  • NES: New Employer Services
  • OR: Occupational rehabilitation
  • WISE: WorkSafe Incentive Scheme for Employers
  • WAS: Worker Assistance Scheme

If you're having difficulty understanding this information, please contact WorkSafe's advisory service.

As part of NES, retraining can also be considered to help you to obtain new skills or extend skills that you already have, to assist you to find a new job. Your occupational rehabilitation provider can guide you on suitable courses and work with your WorkSafe Agent to help you get started with retraining.

You may also access the WorkSafe Incentive Scheme for Employers (WISE) when you are unable to return to work with your injury employer. This means if you find a new job, your new employer can get a financial incentive of up $26,000 for providing you with ongoing employment.

If you find new paid employment while you're participating in NES, the Worker Assistance Scheme (WAS) is available to help you prepare for returning to providing some financial assistance. You should ask your agent or OR provider for more details on WAS.

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Further information

For more information about NES, please contact your WorkSafe Agent, or WorkSafe's advisory service, or your nominated union representative.

WorkSafe Advisory Service

WorkSafe's advisory service is available between 7:30am and 6:30pm Monday to Friday. If you need more support, you can also contact WorkSafe using the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) or the National Relay Service.

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