Occupational rehabilitation providers and your privacy

Information about how occupational rehabilitation providers treat your information and privacy.



As part of an injured worker receiving occupational rehabilitation services it is lawful and consistent with the Health Records Act 2011 and Health Privacy Principle 2 for information to be used and disclosed between an occupational rehabilitation provider, the injured worker's medical practitioner, healthcare professionals, employer and WorkSafe Agent.

Part of an occupational rehabilitation provider's service may, where relevant and appropriate, include contacting an injured worker's treating healthcare professional to discuss their work-related injury, current work capacity and ability to work.

The occupational rehabilitation provider will prepare reports that they will send to the injured worker or their authorised representative, their WorkSafe Agent and where relevant, to their treating healthcare professional.

It is essential that the occupational rehabilitation provider is aware of and considers all factors that may be a barrier to an injured worker returning to work, as well as factors that contribute to an injured worker's successful return to work.

The Collection Statement in the Worker's Injury Claim Form informs injured workers that occupational rehabilitation providers may collect and disclose personal and health information for the purpose of processing, assessing and managing the claim. A full copy of the Collection Statement can be viewed on the Worker's Injury Claim Form.

Occupational rehabilitation reports will be considered by the WorkSafe Agent along with recent medical and other information to help the injured worker return to or remain at work.