Website design guide

What you need to start designing and building user interfaces with WorkSafe's design system and reusable components.

Interface design guides

Interface designers working on vue.js projects can hit the ground running by using WorkSafe's design system. This design guide introduces the patterns and foundation elements, utilities, components and content types, and explains how we design accessible digital products that are true to our brand, are modular and reusable, with the right amount of white space in the interface.

Content guide

Victoria is a diverse and inclusive multi-cultural community. It's home to people with different abilities, people of all ages, people from different backgrounds and cultures, and people that speak different languages at home and in the workplace. It's not always possible, but we try to write simply and directly and use plain English to communicate our message. We follow the GOV.AU style guide and we aim for a year 6 (age 12) reading level.

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