Pyrotechnician licence

To use fireworks you must hold a licence to use fireworks as a pyrotechnician. This licence also allows you to temporarily store and transport limited amounts of fireworks.

Pyrotechnician licence class types

  • ground display
  • Chinese fireworks
  • theatrical fireworks
  • aerial shells (up to 75mm)
  • aerial shells (up to 100mm)
  • aerial shells (up to 150mm)
  • aerial shells (up to 300mm)
  • aerial salutes (up to 75mm)


  • WorkSafe no longer authorises licences that allow the discharge of Chinese firecrackers and theatrical fireworks on a single occasion.
  • There is a change to the requirement to notify of intended fireworks display. The seven day notification requirement has been extended to indoor / theatrical displays. The requirement continues to be to notify WorkSafe, the relevant fire authority, and local council. However, please check with your council about any additional requirements about the notification period.
  • Pyrotechnicians can temporarily store fireworks for seven days – in line with the notification period. The temporary storage must also meet the requirements for medium-scale storage (although a medium-scale storage licence is not required).

Mutual recognition of interstate licences

You can apply for mutual recognition of a current pyrotechnician licence issued by other states in Australia.

This process is subject to confirmation of your licence by the issuing state and will result in a licence being issued with the same expiry date as the interstate licence.

Before you start your application

For your application to be processed you need to supply the following documents as part of your application:

Apply or renew the licence

  1. completed national police check and ASIO security assessment form

    National police check and ASIO security assessment form which will be lodged by WorkSafe

  2. proof of identity documents
  3. a completed reference form

    Form to provide to a referee along with your identification documents

  4. proof of passing a WorkSafe approved test or course by a Registered Training Organisation

    See link to Registered Training Organisation below

Receiving the licence

We will make a decision on your licence application, and write to you with that decision, within 60 days of receiving your application.

If your licence application is approved you'll be able to access the digital licence immediately in myWorkSafe.

We'll also send a plastic card licence in the mail which you should receive in 20 to 25 business days from the date of the decision.

Fee summary


Per licence.


For an amendment to the licence.


If an assessment of experience is conducted by WorkSafe.


National police check.


ASIO security assessment.

5 years

This licence is valid for five years.

Pyrotechnician licence