Worker assistance scheme payment form

The Worker Assistance Scheme (WAS) gives people who are returning to work after a work-related injury or illness $205 (indexed annually) to help them buy items they need for their new job.


What it contains

This document is a one-page form people need to complete to apply for a WAS payment.

To access WAS payments, the person must:

  • participating in the occupational rehabilitation service New Employer Services
  • accept a job that offers at least 8 hours’ work per week with a new employer
  • complete a WAS payment form – their occupational rehabilitation provider can help them fill in the form and send it to their WorkSafe agent

When the WorkSafe agent receives the form, they process it and check the person has accepted the new job offer. WAS is then paid directly to the employee.

A person can access WAS payments up to 5 times per claim. This means that if they change employers, they can access it once for each time they start working for a new employer, up to 5 times.

Note: WAS shouldn’t be used to buy items employers are obliged to give employees.