Information on support coordination for treating healthcare providers

Support coordination is currently provided by Melbourne City Mission and Better Health Network.



Support coordination is designed to support injured workers with very complex needs who have been on a WorkSafe claim for a number of years. Support coordination is currently provided by Melbourne City Mission and Better Health Network. Both providers have extensive experience and expertise in the provision of support coordination services for people with complex biopsychosocial needs.

Injured workers may ask you to help them choose a provider who is most suited to their needs.

1. Who should I refer to the Support Coordination Program?

Long term injured workers (over 130+ weeks) with complex needs are eligible for the program.

We recommend referring eligible injured workers to the Support Coordination Program if any of the following barriers are impacting your ability to provide effective treatment:

  • financial and housing difficulties
  • complex family relationships or situations where the person is at risk of harm through violence or abuse
  • difficulties with attending and managing appointments (related to the person's condition or situational factors)
  • inability or difficulty in conducting basic activities of daily living.

Support Coordination services are considered a medical service under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation (WIRC) Act, therefore a referral from a treating healthcare provider (generally a GP or psychiatrist) is required.

Referrals should be sent to [email protected].

2. Optimising outcomes for injured workers participating in the support coordination program

To empower injured workers to manage their condition as independently as possible and optimise their abilities and live their best life, it is important treatment and support coordination services share goals and information. Establishing communication with the support coordinator, with the consent of the worker, is strongly encouraged.

Support Coordination Program help

For any assistance relating to these processes, please contact [email protected].