This tradie health month, get the right tools for the job

Access the right tools to build a mentally and physically safe site.

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Thursday 05 Aug 2021

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Free tools and resources for leaders in trade based industries

August is Tradie Health Month and now more than ever your workers' physical and mental safety should be top of mind. Get the right tools for the job by taking advantage of free programs that offer support for small and medium businesses - just like yours.

Building a mentally healthy workplace with WorkWell

Sign up for the WorkWell Toolkit to access step-by-step advice to prevent mental injury and promote a safe and mentally healthy workplace. The WorkWell Toolkit provides business leaders like yourself with practical advice and tools tailored to your industry type and business size. Sign up in three easy steps!

Get free advice from an industry expert with OHS Essentials program

The free OHS Essentials program offers confidential, independent and personalised advice to keep you and your workers safe. The best part – your consultant comes to you at a time that's convenient for you. Your consultant will work with you to identify hazards and risks and provide a practical safety action plan – personalised for your business needs and size.

Support for injured workers

Workers can now access early treatment and support while they await the outcome of their mental injury claim. This support is called provisional payments. It's available for up to 13 weeks, even if a claim is rejected.

Early treatment of a mental injury often sees better recovery and faster return to work outcomes.

Hazardous manual handling

The leading causes of workplace injuries for tradies is hazardous manual handling, as well as slips and trips. But with the right systems in place these can be avoided.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) account for 60% of injuries sustained by Victorian construction workers. MSD can have significant and long term impacts on workers health and can end careers.

Protect your workers and create a safer workplace.

Stay up to date with health and safety advice

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