Supporting young workers: Tip cards for employers

Seven video tips to help employers support 15-24 year old young workers in their workplace.

Young workers are usually still developing physically and mentally

They may lack the experience, knowledge and skills to understand the risks involved in the tasks they’re doing. They may also not be aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace health and safety. As an employer, it’s important you pay specific attention to the needs of young workers in your workplace. They must be properly trained and supervised, and given sufficient information so they can work safely.

Tip 1: Show your support

Tip 2: It's the law

Tip 3: Start the conversation

Tip 4: Tailor their training

Tip 5: Lead by example

Tip 6: Develop policies and procedures

Tip 7: Foster a positive safety environment

Detailed tips to help you support young workers

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