Young workers

Young workers have higher injury rates than other worker age groups.

WorkSafe 101 for high schools

WorkSafe have co-designed a number of resources with Victorian Secondary School Teachers to help educate and inform young workers about their rights and responsibilities. The suite of OHS resources complement classroom learning for students between Years 9 and 12.

WorkSafe 101 for high schools



UMM is that feeling you get when something feels off or unsafe in the workplace.

Know your rights and speak up, because unsafe is always unacceptable.

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Young workers: Retail

These are the most common injuries and hazards for young people working in retail trading to the public, as shown by injury claims.

Safety solutions

WorkSafe expects employers to have safety solutions in place to protect workers from the most common sources of injury.

Injury Hotspot skeleton diagram, text information below.

Hazards and solutions

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