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Free tools and resources for leaders in trade based industries

August is Tradies National Health Month, an initiative run by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) to raise awareness about the importance of tradies health and wellbeing.

Hazardous manual handling is the most common cause of injury in Victorian workplaces, leading to injuries known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs include ligament and tendon damage, back injuries, sprains and hernias.

They can range in severity from a temporary strain, right up to debilitating injuries that can end careers and impair a person’s quality of life long-term.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) account for 30% of injuries sustained by Victorian construction workers, these can have significant and long-term impacts on workers' physical and mental health and can end careers.

Over the last 12 months in Victoria:

  • Construction has the third highest number of injury-related claims across all industries.
  • Tradies working in carpentry, plumbing and electrical have been some of the most affected with the highest number of injuries.
  • One-third of these claims are due to injuries sustained from manual handling.
  • Mental health continues to be a growing challenge for worksites.

Now more than ever, your workers' physical and mental safety should be top of mind.

Get the right tools for the job by taking advantage of free programs that offer support to help you build a mentally healthy and physically safe site.

WorkWell Toolkit

The WorkWell Toolkit contains practical ideas, tips, tools and good practice suggestions to help you prevent mental injuries on your site. There’s no login and no fee. Get step-by-step support today with your free WorkWell Toolkit.

WorkWell Toolkit

OHS Essentials program

The free OHS Essentials program offers confidential, independent and personalised advice to keep you and your workers safe. The best part – your consultant comes to you at a time that's convenient for you. Your consultant will work with you to identify hazards and risks and provide a practical safety action plan – personalised for your business needs and size.

OHS Essentials program

Illustration showing forklift, pallet, boxes, floor scales, manual pallet jack, men and women workers wearing working overalls and work safety helmet.

Manual handling resources

It takes more than a 'how to lift' training session or poster to make sure your team is safe from hazardous manual handling.

Get the latest news on changes to ‘how to lift’ training and your obligations as an employer.

How to lift training does not reduce risk

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