Complete and submit employer's claim documents

You are responsible for submitting all claim documents to their WorkSafe agent.


Step 1

The worker completes part A of the injury claim form

If the worker is submitting their claim online, it will automatically be sent to you after they complete part A. You'll then need to complete the employer questions and submit the form to the WorkSafe agent.

If the worker submits a PDF or hard copy claim form, you'll need to let the agent and the worker know, in writing, that you've received it. You can do this by completing the employer sections of the claim form and providing a copy to the worker. For more information about how to complete your worker's claim online, visit our Online claims information for employers page.

Step 2

You submit the worker's claim to your WorkSafe agent

If you believe the claimant is not your worker, you’ll need to provide evidence of this to your agent in part A of the form.


Step 3

Employer injury claim report

Once you've sent the form to the agent, you can fill out the Employer Injury Claim Report. Submitting this report will provide the agent with more information about the worker's claim.

If your worker submits an injury claim form online using myWorkSafe and you wish to submit an employer injury claim report, you will need a myWorkSafe claims administrator role to complete it. You can apply for this role from your personal myWorkSafe account. If you don’t have an account, you will be prompted to sign up for one.

Step 4

Working with a circumstance investigator

Sometimes a circumstance investigator will be assigned to the claim to collect more information, including interviewing witnesses about the worker's injury.

Make sure you share detailed information with the circumstance investigator, or your agent, about the injury and any related events.

Step 5

Your agent assesses the claim

Your agent has 28 days to assess the worker’s claim and let them know the outcome.

However, if the claim includes a mental injury, your agent will tell you if the worker is entitled to provisional payments within 2 business days of receiving part A of the claim form from you.

If the worker is entitled to provisional payments, the agent can pay for or reimburse reasonable costs of medical treatment and services for their claimed mental injury while the claim is assessed. If the worker's claim is then accepted, WorkSafe will continue to cover these costs in line with Victorian workers compensation legislation.

If the worker's claim is rejected but they are entitled to provisional payments, WorkSafe will continue to cover the reasonable costs of medical treatment and services for the claimed mental injury for up to 13 weeks.