Complete and submit employer's claim documents

You are responsible for submitting all claim documents.

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Wednesday 26 Aug 2020

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Step 1. Your worker must complete an injured worker’s claim form

Your worker will need to fill out the worker’s injury claim form. Once complete, they must hand it to you to complete the employer section and sign.

You need to acknowledge that you've received the claim form in writing – you can do this by completing the employer section of the claim. You can also print the it out and discuss it with your injured or ill worker face to face.

Step 2. You must complete the employer’s claim report

The employer’s claim report is an official document you must complete and send to your agent. It is a record of your details, your worker’s details, particulars of the incident, and an opportunity for you to provide additional information, such as disputing liability.

You must lodge the report with your WorkSafe agent along with:

  • Your worker's injury claim form (signed by you)
  • Your worker's Certificate of Capacity
  • Any other relevant documents, such as invoices or receipts for medical expenses.

You can lodge it through your WorkSafe agent's online claim lodgement system, email or by the post.

Employers must act fast

You have 10 calendar days to lodge the claim with your WorkSafe agent from the time you receive the worker's injury claim form from your worker. There can be penalties for failing to meet this timeframe. Your WorkSafe agent has 28 days to assess the claim and let you know the outcome.

Step 3. Working with a Circumstance Investigator

Sometimes a Circumstance Investigator will be assigned to the claim to collect more information, including interviewing witnesses about your worker's injury.

Make sure you share detailed information with the Circumstance Investigator, or your WorkSafe agent, about the injury and the events that you consider caused it.

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