Explosives licence: Licence to transport explosives by road and rail

A licence for a vehicle to transport explosives by road or rail.

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About the licence

You must hold a licence, to transport explosives by road or rail in quantities greater than those specified in the regulations. Complete this application form if you need a new licence, amendment to your licence or renewal of your licence.

Fee summary

Apply or renew your licence

Note: You can purchase copies of the Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2022 from Information Victoria on 1300 366 356 or you can view them at Legislation Victoria.

Contact WorkSafe's licensing branch

To check the progress of an application or if you need assistance, contact the Licensing Branch at:

Licensing Branch
PO Box 279
Geelong Vic 3220

Phone 1300 852 562
Fax 1800 060 727
Email [email protected]

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