Independent Medical Examiner (IME): Return to work roles

What is the role of an independent medical examiner during the return to work process?


Independent medical examiners

An independent medical examiner may be asked by your WorkSafe agent to examine you and provide them with an opinion about your injury or illness, work capacity and treatment. They do not provide you with treatment.

An independent medical examination is conducted so that the examiner can provide independent information to your agent to support your recovery, rehabilitation and return to safe work. These reports may also be used to help your agent make decisions about your entitlement to weekly payments and medical and like services.

Depending on your injury circumstances, you may be required to attend an independent medical examination conducted by a medical practitioner, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, psychologist or dentist before your claim is accepted, and at reasonable intervals.

Independent medical examiners are not employees or representatives of WorkSafe, WorkSafe Agents or self-insurers. However, they are paid by agents and self-insurers for the independent medical advice they provide.

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