Providing a safe and healthy workplace on the farm (PDF version)

Workplace manslaughter is a criminal offence under occupational health and safety laws. Here are general tips for ensuring your farm is a safe and healthy workplace.

Published: 11 Aug 2020
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What it contains

Workplace manslaughter is now a criminal offence under occupational health and safety laws.

This new law doesn't create additional responsibilities; it just introduces tougher penalties.

Farm owners, managers and directors must ensure a safe and healthy workplace – if someone dies on your farm, you could be prosecuted under the new law.

The two most likely causes of farm deaths are:

  • powered plant and machinery – tractors, quad bikes, bailers, forklifts, etc – particularly involving run over or rollover
  • livestock – crush injuries when drafting and loading cattle

You know your farm and what else could be dangerous - whatever job you and your workers are doing on the farm, always think of safety first. Consider what could go wrong and how to stop that happening, discuss with your workers and family members and take action to make sure you’re providing a safe workplace.

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