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Monday 28 Oct 2019

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Step 1. Contact WorkSafe

If the incident is serious and causes (or has the potential to cause) serious injury or death, report it to WorkSafe immediately on 13 23 60.

You will also need to send a completed incident notification form to WorkSafe within 48 hours, and keep a copy of the completed form in your records for five years.

This applies to all incidents that take place at your workplace even if the injured person is not one of your workers.

Step 2. Fill out your register of injuries

Any injury or illness should be recorded in your organisation’s register of injuries by your injured worker, or a support person on their behalf.

What is a register of injuries?

The register of injuries is a document (such as a diary, exercise book or electronic file) owned by the organisation you work for. It is a record of every injury or incident that has occured by workers in the business.